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Fundraising Ideas A-Z

Letter a

Afternoon Tea

We are a nation of tea drinkers, so why not host an afternoon tea to raise some funds? Whether you do it at home, at work or at a local venue your event will be a sure hit 


If you have any items lying around gathering dust that could be worth money, an auction is the perfect fundraising activity for you 

Aerobics Class

If you love aerobics and enjoy getting fit, you could host an aerobics class and ask your friends and family to make a donation to join  

 Letter B

Bake Sale

Bake your way to fundraising success! A classic way to raise money, a bake sale is always popular  

Beard Shave

Would the idea of shaving your beard off get your friends and family reaching into their pockets? Say goodbye to the beard you have been growing for years with a big shave 

Birthday Fundraiser

Hold a birthday party, get dressed up and, instead of presents, ask your friends and family to make a donation to Crosshouse Children's Fund. This is super easy, as you can set up a birthday fundraiser on Facebook

letter c

Climb Your Stairs

Get sponsored to climb the equivalent of major global landmarks such as Ben Nevis or the Empire State Building over a week using your own stairs 

Coffee Morning

Did you know coffee is now neck-and-neck with tea as the nation's favourite beverage? That makes hosting a coffee morning a great way to fundraise 

Car Wash

If you have a sponge and a bucket, you can host a charity car wash. Offer your services to friends, family, neighbours and co-workers in exchange for a donation  

letter d

Dinner Party

A dinner party is a great way to be creative and can be hosted all year round. Why not pick a theme such as tapas or 'Come Dine With Me' and tailor your food and entertainment to your chosen theme 


We all love a boogie! Host your own dance/disco at home or in a local venue. If you fancy a challenge and love dancing, why not do a dance marathon 

Dog Walking

If you love dogs, why not offer to walk the dogs of your family, friends and neighbours in return for a donation. Do it over a week or a month to really see the donations coming in  

letter e

Endurance Challenge

Get sponsored to test your fitness to the limit with a challenge such as 500 squats a day, holding a plank for as long as you can or any fitness challenge of your choice

Eating Competition

Inspired by 'I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'? Why not arrange your own bushtucker trial of unusual foods? Get sponsored to take part or charge an entry fee to participants  

Egg Hunt

Decorate eggs and hide them in top-secret locations. Do this at home, in the garden or in the park 

letter f

Fancy Dress Days

Dressing up isn’t just for Halloween. It’s a great way to raise money all year round, whether you’re at work, at school or at your local club  

Football Match

A great way to raise money! Why not host a football match and charge an entry fee per player. If you have smaller numbers, host a 5-a-side competition 

Film Night

Pick a film to watch, meet up with your friends to discuss the film and ask for a donation to take part  

letter G

Games Night

We all love games, whether it be board games or computer games. Host a games night at home or if you’re in the office, why not offer a gaming opportunity at lunch in exchange for a donation. If you want a challenge, why not host a 24-hour gaming marathon 

Give it Up

Why wait for New Year? You can take on that resolution you've been thinking of now and by doing it for Crosshouse Children's Fund you'll have extra motivation! Whether it's cutting down on caffeine or spending too much time on social media, you can raise funds by getting sponsored

Great Night In

Invite your friends round for a night 'out' with a twist! Turn your living room into your favourite spot or make a theme such as 80s night - everyone donates what they normally would have spent had they hit the town

letter H

Head Shave

Brave the head shave for Crosshouse Children's Fund

Halloween Party

Get your best costume looked out and arrange a spooky Halloween Party. Charge your guests an entry fee to enjoy the scary happenings at your party 

Hiking Challenge

Get your walking boots looked out and arrange a sponsored hike up a hill or even a Munro 

letter i

It’s a Knockout

Look out for It’s a Knockout challenge events in your area. Get a team signed up and get sponsored for taking part 

International Tasting Menu

Invite friends and family to taste the world! Every diner picks their own cuisine and the best tasting meal wins. Decorate, set the mood with music from the countries chosen and charge guests a small donation to take part

letter J

James Bond

Celebrate all things James Bond by hosting a James Bond party, or why not hold a Bond marathon (tuxedos optional)

Jewellery Making

If you have a skill for making jewellery, why not make some beautiful pieces and sell these to raise funds for Crosshouse Children's Fund 

Jumble Sale

If you have odd bits and bobs lying around the house, why not have a clear out and arrange a jumble sale to raise funds? You could also reserve a space at a local car boot sale

letter K

Karaoke Night

Whether you charge for earplugs or entry fees, sing up a storm with your own karaoke evening  

Keepy Uppy Challenge

Get sponsored to do a keepy uppy marathon with your friends 


If you have a passion for knitted goods and would like to use your knitting skills to raise money for our young patients and their families, this is perfect for you. Sell your knitting to friends and family or promote your knitting online 

letter L


Get your friends or work colleagues together and organise a lunch in exchange for a donation 

Loose Change Collection

Ask your friends, family and work colleagues to donate their loose change and watch all those pennies add up  


Take on a charity gaming livestream and reach as many people online as possible. Modern platforms such as Twitch make this easy and everyone who watches your livestream will have the chance to donate to Crosshouse Children's Fund

letter M

Miles at Home

Set yourself a target to complete a certain number of miles or steps in a certain amount of time. You could challenge yourself to do 20,000 steps a day for a month or cycle five miles a day for a month 

Murder Mystery Night/Mad Hatters Tea Party

Get your friends round for a delicious meal and solve a mystery or hold your own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and fill those teapots up with money 

Music Event

Host your own charity music event and get local bands and venues involved  

letter N

Name the…

Name the teddy, bunny or bear. Whatever you choose, this simple yet effective game will get everyone guessing and help you raise funds  

Non-Uniform Day

Ditch the blazer and make a donation. Go purple to show your support for our young patients 

letter o

Obstacle Course

Set up the ultimate obstacle course at home, at work or in the local park. Charge an entry fee to raise funds and have prizes for the winners 

Open Garden/House

Is your garden in full bloom or is your house filled with beautiful items that need to be seen? Host an open event and charge an entry fee to raise funds 

Office Collection

If you are short on time but would still like to raise money and add to your fundraising total, do an office collection and get everyone to donate. Send round your online fundraising page link to encourage donations online - every penny counts

letter P

Pub Quiz

Ask your local pub to host a pub quiz to support your fundraising or organise your own pub quiz. Ask teams for a donation to take part  

Pamper Day/Evening

Get your friends round for a night of pampering. Enlist your local beauticians, hairdressers and massage therapists to support your evening. Ask your friends and family for a donation to attend 

letter Q


Virtual or in person, everyone loves a quiz 

Question of Sport

Host a ‘Question of Sport’ themed quiz or event and ask for a donation to take part  

Quickest is Best

Who can do it quickest? Create a challenge event around who can name the 50 American states the quickest. Get sponsorship for taking part or ask for a donation to take part  

letter R


Sell raffle tickets and get creative with donated prizes or unwanted gifts  

Race Night

Host a race night in a local venue and donate half of the winnings to Crosshouse Children's Fund


Get everyone involved in reading and hold a readathon. Set a start and end date, and ask friends and family to sponsor you per book or per minute of reading  

letter S


Sweepstakes are great ways to raise money. It could be related to a sporting competition, events such as Eurovision, or even as simple as ‘how many sweets in the jar?’ People pay to enter and whoever has the winning answer or winning team/individual gets a prize 

Sponsored Silence

Ssshhhh, no talking! Get sponsored for your silence 


Hold a swimathon or get sponsored to swim an iconic distance in your local pool! Crosshouse swimming superstar Melissa swam the length of the channel in her local pool, raising over £650

letter T

Teddy Bear Picnic

Get all the teddies together for a teddy bear picnic. Host your picnic with friends and family, at nursery, at school or at your local community group. Ask for donations to attend and play fundraising games during the picnic  


Top up your fundraising by running a tombola. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get rid of any unwanted gifts, or items that have been in your cupboard for a long time 

letter U

Unusual Clothes Day

Get sponsored to wear your most unusual clothes to work or out shopping. Alternatively, ask everyone to donate to wear their most unusual clothes – you could also give a prize to the most imaginative entry  

University Challenge

Challenge your rival university to a competition, to see which university will come out on top. It could be a quiz, running, cycling or swimming challenge 

letter V

Variety Show

Get your friends and family to reveal their hidden talents and hold a variety show  

Volleyball Competition

Hold a volleyball competition and charge an entry fee to raise money  

Vegetable Patch

If you grow your own vegetables, why not sell some to your friends and family or leave an honesty box outside. Any money raised can be donated to Crosshouse Children's Fund

letter W

Wear it Purple

Get everyone to wear purple for the day and get sponsored  

Wax it

Get sponsored to have something waxed: your legs, your chest or anything for the particularly brave  


Get your friends, family and co-workers together and organise your own sponsored walk

letter x

Xbox/PlayStation Tournament

Hold your own gaming marathon or pay to enter an Xbox or PlayStation tournament and split the winnings with us 

X-Factor Night

Get your friends and family together and sing up a storm with your own X-Factor evening 

X Marks the Spot

Set up your own treasure hunt and get sponsored for how many items you find  

letter Y

Yes Day

Get sponsored to say ‘yes’ to everything for a day 

Year Long Challenge

Set yourself a year long challenge and get sponsored; feel fitter, take up a sport or learn a language 


Are you qualified in yoga, pilates or mindfulness? Set up a relaxing afternoon retreat for your friends in return for a donation to charity

letter Z


Donate the usual cost of a Zumba class! Get your local gym or sport centre involved  

Zodiac Evening

Throw a party, get everyone to dress up as their star sign and have readings