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Kyle's Lockdown Milestones

2 April 2021 Kyle at Easter

Our young fundraising hero Kyle has reached incredible milestones in his hospital journey this month. He has been very busy creating Easter treats for the local community to raise funds too. Mum, Katie shares her story and explains how the pandemic has impacted Kyle:

“My son Kyle was very unwell in 2019 and early 2020. He was spending many weeks at a time in hospital at Crosshouse then home for a short time and back again. It was really difficult for us all. We then went into lockdown and slowly a different Kyle emerged. He has gained weight, become much more emotionally stable and has spent a year recovering.

“Unlike perhaps some children, lockdown has been good for Kyle as he is more than happy to be at home in his own wee bubble. He suffers from such high social anxiety that it impacts on everything he does so being at home for so long has taken all of that stress away. He hasn’t had to worry about where he is going, who might be there, what might happen.

“I’m proud to say that, after two years, Kyle has been well enough this month to make a slow transition back to school. We’ve had amazing support from doctors, nurses, play therapists, psychologists and from his head teacher to get him to where he is today.

“I know it will be small steps and we’ll need to go at Kyle’s pace to see if he can cope with the outside world, but I couldn’t be prouder of him.

“As well as heading back to school for a few hours, Kyle also reached some really incredible milestones recently. He stood up for himself for the first time, then a few weeks later took his first steps in 11 years. He said: “Look Mum, my legs can walk.” Indeed, they did. Go Kyle – you are amazing."

Easter Eggs kyle

“We’re proud to raise funds for Crosshouse Children’s Fund and it was great fun selling Easter Egg Cheescakes to the local community. Everyone has been so generous and we ended up selling out! I’d like to encourage anyone who can to help support the babies, children and families across Ayrshire & Arran by getting involved in some fundraising too.”

We are incredibly grateful to Kyle and his family for their fantastic fundraising efforts. If you're feeling inspired to help Ayrshire's children in hospital, why not take on a Virtual Kiltwalk challenge with us? Visit the link below to find out more!