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The Teddy Hospital by Crosshouse Children's Fund

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Inspired by the fantastic Teddy Hospital, Ted-ucation is a fun and interactive way for children in nursery and primary school to learn about the people who help us in hospital.

It's common for adults to experience worry before surgery or other hospital procedures - now imagine what that feeling is like for a young child.

Big Crosshouse Children's Fund supporter Kyle used to feel fearful of masks and ambulances, and is a frequent visitor to the children's wards at Crosshouse Hospital.

Play Worker Michelle uses teddies, and the Teddy Hospital, to prepare children like Kyle for their hospital experience. Kyle realised that if his teddies could do it, he could too! 

Kyle Teddy HospitalNow, we're taking the Teddy Hospital on the road, to schools and nurseries across Ayrshire.

So far, our Teddy Hospital team has visited over 200 schools, nurseries and education centres, including those with additional support needs (ASN) pupils.

The Teddy Hospital experience has been described by schools and nurseries as ‘a highly recommended resource’, ‘phenomenal experience’ and ‘fantastic with the kids’.

Teducation teddy hospital schoolOne teacher wrote: "The visit was fabulous and the children were totally engaged. The volunteer was very friendly and put the children at ease. She answered all of their questions and reassured the children about any future visits they may need to the hospital."

Another said: "Thanks so much for visiting. The group don’t often sit still that long!! Had some positive feedback from parents too. The kids loved their certificates and the talk was great which introduced them to some new terminology!  It was pitched perfectly for the age group. It really was funny listening to some of them say thermometer! (Mumeter!!!)"

Teducation teddy hospital school 2Your pupils will be able to ask our resident 'doctors' anything about the wards at Crosshouse Hospital, which our donations support, and what a stay in the hospital is like for children just like them. All children who take part will receive a special 'Tedical Degree' keepsake!