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Supporting Children's Communication Skills


Learn how we're supporting the Speech and Language Therapy early years team by funding communication-friendly resources

The Speech and Language Therapy early years team based in East Ayrshire cares for families of children with communication difficulties.

Through appointments and virtual drop-in sessions, the team provides advice, tips, resources and reassurance to parents and carers concerned about a child's communication skills.  

More than 10% of all children and young people in the UK have communication difficulties.  These children may struggle to make friends, to learn or to tell people how they are feeling if they are finding it difficult to get their message across.  

"The pandemic can negatively affect families whose children have been deprived of the chance to progress their communication skills through socialising at nursery, with their wider family and with friends. This can often leave them feeling very isolated and unsure of where to turn for support. 

By upskilling parents and providing them with the right tools to cope with their child's speech, language and communication, children and their families will have a more positive experience."

Ashleigh McGill, Speech & Language Therapy early years team

Crosshouse Children's Fund is proud to have funded a range of resources to support the wonderful work of the Speech and Language Therapy team in East Ayrshire.

These resources which include tablets, sensory toys and equipment, will help the team demonstrate strategies and activities to parents, allowing them to continue the development of their child's communication skills at home.