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Kevin's Remarkable Challenge - Race Across Scotland

3 June 2024 Kevin1

Kevin Brown from Kilwinning is embarking on one of the biggest challenges ever undertaken for Crosshouse Children’s Fund – the Race Across Scotland.  

This August, Kevin will test his limits both physically and mentally in this 215-mile ultra-marathon, to raise funds for a cause close to his heart. 

Kevin has shared,

“I've decided to take on the biggest challenge I've ever faced. This will take me past my limits both physically and mentally, with a high drop-out rate there is no guarantee I will finish. What I will guarantee though, is that I will give my absolute all in this race, and knowing now that I am raising funds for a charity that means a lot to me will push me on even more.” 

Participants have 100 hours to complete the course, which follows the Southern Upland Way, taking in valleys, crossings, and mountains. Kevin’s journey promises to be grueling, but his dedication to Crosshouse Children’s Fund will be his driving force. 

In preparation for this monumental race, Kevin recently completed his first multi-day event on the Isle of Arran, running 30 miles each day.  

Reflecting on the experience, Kevin said,

“Arran was awesome, a step up for me but I felt over the two days I did well.” 


Kevin is being coached by his brother, Scott, who holds the course record for the race and will be Kevin’s trainer and support crew.  

Kevin explained why chose to raise money for Crosshouse Children’s Fund,

“I was born and raised near Crosshouse Hospital. I have an adult son who has his own son now, and the reality of how close to home this wonderful charity is, in terms of potentially helping the people I love, struck a chord with me. This race will take me to the brink, I will go through moments where I want to quit but I hope that the thought of raising money for this cause will get me through it.”  

Kevin added,

“I want to raise as much money as possible, so the charity can continue to do the amazing work it does for children and families in Ayrshire,”