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Running for Robbie

10 August 2023 Robbie now

This is Robbie's story in the words of his Mum, Lorna. 

'My son Robbie was born prematurely at just over 34 weeks.'

'We were quickly taken to the Ayrshire maternity unit as there was space for Robbie in Intensive Care.'

Robbie hospital'The whole team were absolutely amazing, giving Robbie the best care possible and keeping us well informed and calm during the most worrying time.'

Lorna, robbie's mum

'We were lucky enough to be given a family room to transition home from, and the nurses were there around the clock to answer all of our questions.'

'I hadn’t brought enough clothes for Robbie and the hospital provided these for Robbie while we were staying.'

'We were finally allowed to bring Robbie home and felt ready for this thanks to the amazing team of people who had prepared us for bringing him home and nursed him to full health.'

'Robbie is now a thriving 9-month old!'

Lorna, robbie's mum

'After the incredible care we received, I knew I wanted to do something to give back.'

'At the end of May, I completed the Mull of Kintyre 10km with my friend/Robbie's Godmother, Megan, in aid of Crosshouse Children's Fund.'

LORNA AND MEGAN'I'm proud to say we managed to raise a fantastic £550!'

'We can’t thank the staff at Ayrshire Maternity enough and we hope this donation helps support other families like us in the future.'