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Crosshouse Launches First Christmas Appeal

19 December 2019 SW CCF Transitional Care 08

Crosshouse Children’s Fund is calling on Ayrshire and Arran residents to support its first ever Christmas Appeal.

This Christmas we're raising funds to purchase specialist heated cots and equipment for the Ayrshire Maternity Unit (AMU) to allow more premature and sick babies to receive the extra care they need by their mothers’ bedsides. 

Each year, over 3,000 babies from across Ayrshire are born each year at the AMU, with many hundreds born prematurely or sick. Being born early or poorly can result in babies being taken to the Neonatal Unit for special treatment, where they are separated from their mothers. With our latest appeal, we hope to help prevent these admissions by supporting the Transitional Care Unit.

"In the past, babies with modest additional care needs would have required admission to our Neonatal Unit, separating Mums from their babies. Now, we can avoid this separation through our Transitional Care unit, allowing these babies to be cared for primarily by their mothers, fully supported by trained staff.

"To allow us to increase the number of babies that are cared for in Transitional Care, through Crosshouse Children’s Fund, we hope to purchase specialised cots to keep more mothers with their babies."

Attica Wheeler, Head of Midwifery (Associate Nurse Director Women and Children’s Services)

SW CCF Transitional Care 04

 Amy Aitken, Fundraising Manager at Crosshouse Children’s Fund, said: “This is Crosshouse Children’s Fund’s first Christmas Appeal and it will support premature and sick babies from across Ayrshire and Arran.

 “We hope to purchase additional specialist cots and enhanced medical equipment for the Transitional Care Unit to keep more mums and babies together during those precious early days.

 “Local communities have already shown their incredible generosity over the last six months for Crosshouse Children’s Fund, and we’re calling on them again to help make our Christmas wish a reality for Ayrshire’s babies and their families.”